My First Ever Blog Entry…

The truth is, I had something like a Blog, first entry July 10th 2001, on my toast site. This was before the word Blog was mainstream, or more likely, coined. And I’ve been doing some Twittering. Problem is theirs too much "See What Makes Me Special" going on. I don’t care for a community of people that wish they could be on a reality TV show.

So that brings me to the reason for this blog… While I’m not known for my literary masterpieces, I still think it’s important to do some self expressing in a open forum. And while I don’t think my blogs need to be 100 words or more with extremely meaningful content. I hope my friends, family and visitors will get something out of it… at the very least someone through Google, Yahoo or MSN will match a key word of two and find something useful here.

With that said, thank you for reading my first ever official blog entry.

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