Don’t believe the C02 Calculator, It’s a number game

This is another case of making up statistical information for the sake of "Saving the World" and letting everyone know that you’re a bad human. It’s a number game. I’ve seen this too many times where someone on TV poops out a number, and that number is supposed to be an accurate representation of the world’s problems. Here’s my example: On CNN international yesterday there’s a new series called ‘Going Green’ (see The host was talking about an online calculator that is supposed to determine how much C02 you produce. The ‘Going Green’ host talked about a trip her co-host took recently. She calculated how much c02 he produced on a flight to Argentina and figured he emitted 120 Tons of c02 in his plane trip. This is rape of statistical data. There’s no scientific study to backup the calculations she made. Thought this was an important topic, because it’s been done again. CNN has put another article out in something they call ‘Eco Solutions’ about "How Much Does this Article Produce?" (see This is another example of number games that conveniently "proves" a point. While I totally support being sustainable, I think that includes not sustaining the wacky c02 number game. Going green is Going Insane. Let’s all take a deep breath of Oxygen, exhale some c02, plant a tree.

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