A World of Mallamace

The world of Mallamace’s just got smaller today. With all the social networking tools sites like Facebook and Twitter staying connected with family members and friends has strangers with the unique last name, Mallamace, a little closer. There are Mallamaces in all parts of the world, from Italy, United States, Australia, Agentina, and even China. What makes a Mallamace unique? Many things, but most notably is the origin of all Mallamace families. To show how unique the Mallamace name is, there are several known families with the last name (California/Bologia, New York/Georgia,  2 distinct families in Melborne/China, Reggio Calabria/Milian). It’s unclear if any of these families are closely related–since Mallamace is considered a “place name”, but one thing is clear, all Mallamaces owe their ultimate origins to the southern region of Italy in the province of Calabria.

Where did the name Mallamace come from? First, the Calabria region is known for being a Greek settlement as part of Magna Græcia (Latin meaning “Greater Greece”) . And second, in the Hills of the Aspromonte overlooking the ocean between Sicily and the southern most region of mainland Italy there is a church called the Santuario della Madonna di Mallamace. According to CalabriaOnline.com”, built on the ruins of a small 14th century church, it keeps inside a splendid statue of the Virgin in white marble placed on an altar of great artistic interest. The Sanctuary is now managed by a monastic community. translated it reads, “The Shrine of Our Lady of Mallamace.”

The name Mallamace also has some unique spellings, most notably “Mallemace” and “Mallamaci.”

One of the stories that has been told, but not confirmed, is that the Mallamaces decended from 3 sons of Greek royalty who were sent to Reggio Calabria during some war to hide them from the King’s enemies.

Mallamaces in Melbourne: There are 2 distinct and unrelated families (at least in recent generations). From one side of the first family, there are 2 brothers and their families. One of the brothers has had 2 kids, 1 Male and 1 Female (no longer a Mallamace). The other brother has had 5 kids all of whom have their own families now. All these Mallamaces still live in Melbourne. From the second side we do not know much about the other Mallamaces in Melbourne.

Mallamaces in California: Two brother’s traveled from Reggio Calabria to New York, one following the other one at a later date, leaving their sisters (one possibily deceased 1906 earthquake) . They both found their way to New York, like most new U.S. immigrants. Once the first brother, the same brother who initially came to America, moved to California the other brother followed. They both started families in California.  The brother who followed had 3 children. One child, male, started a family, they had one boy (that’s where the Mallamace line stops); another child, also male, had 2 boys & 1 girl. The last child was female (no longer a Mallamace).

According to a document called “Codex Astensis Qui De Malabayla Comuniter Nuncupatur” the name Mallamace dates back as far as 1095.  And is, “e stato il primo Costituente della Signoria di Asti e ci indica come consoli del borgo di Annone vicino a Asti prima come Consoli poi come Conti” translated “was the first Constituent Assembly of the Lordship of Asti, and shows us how to consuls of the village of Hanno near Asti first as consuls then as Conti” according to Daniele Mallamace.

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