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Welcome back, over the past few weeks I’ve been working on updating the Mallamace.com Family Website. The most notable changes to the website include a template change to the Family Genealogy page to making the overall design of Mallamace.com more consistent. I also added some photos, you may need to register for an account to access some of this content.

This site is limited to friends and family of the Mallamace Family. Visitors are welcome, but will have limited access to various services. If you are friend or family of Mallamace and you wish to participate please contact me.

As I’m making more changes to mallamace.com you may have some questions about getting around… i suggest you start with The Guide to Mallamace.com.

There’s much more to come.

Nathan Mallamace

106 and Still Going Strong

They just don’t build people like James Mallamace any more. The Italian immigrant — who arrived in America on the Fourth of July — has lived in three centuries, seen Halley’s Comet twice and divorced three wives — the last one 63 years his junior. This man with a third-grade education has been an entrepreneur, inventor, fisherman and winemaker. And on Friday, he celebrated his 106th birthday, still able to dance the polka, still lucid, still full of dreams.